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The Hunt for Lois Lane!


So we've got ourselves a new Superman, Henry Cavill.

Great actor, but hearing that it didn't necessarily come down to that - who would be the best man for the job; the decision was eventually made by way of mathematical equation, 'who is available to the movie in the window that we've got?' Quite a few of Cavill's competitors impressed, especially True Blood star Joe Manganiello, but they weren't as readily available 'right away' as Cavill was.

It's going to work the same way with whoever goes up for Lois Lane - in fact, a scheduling clash had already cost one actress the part; Anne Hathaway had been the pick for the feisty reporter from day one but she wasn't going to be able to do Dark Knight Rises as well - for numerous reasons - as Superman, so was forced to make a decision. I think she made the right one.

You're going to be hearing a lot of names over the next couple of weeks, as director Zack Snyder and the casting couch play guest to a bevy of young actresses all vying for the role of Superman's love interest, but there's already a few actresses said to have either read or have been asked to read for the part.

Kristen Stewart - Have heard her name mentioned in relation to the part for about a week now. I don't think it's going to happen though... too many other juicy offers on the tablet for the pretty Twilight actress.

Malin Akerman - Akerman, who starred in Zack Snyder's Watchmen, was in with a shot at one stage but now that Superman has been cast, and he's considerably younger than 32-year-old Akerman, I'd say there's zero chance of this happening.

Dianna Agron - The Glee star has a real go-getter of an agent that's getting his client in the door and on the floor of near every major movie in town. She read for Spider-Man, and is said to have also read for Superman. Bit young though, perhaps?

Jessica Biel - One of the leading contenders for the role. She's got as much spunk as she has sexy appeal, don't be surprised if the trade reveals that the Blade Trinity star has gotten the nod in a weeks time.

Rachel McAdams - Like Biel, I hear McAdams has quite a few fans over there at Warner Bros (Whom she did Sherlock Holmes with a year or so back). McAdams was also on the shortlist for Dark Knight Rises, so sounds like Chris Nolan - who, in addition to directing the Batman movie is producing the Superman movie - likes him a McAdams with special sauce.

Also heard the names 'Winstead', and 'Bell' but from third and fourth-hand sources. If anybody has anything on the latter two I'd appreciate it.

But hey, who knows!?... someone might walk through the casting office door tomorrow.. someone totally unexpected... someone ready to blow Snyder and company off their feet... and they might just get the job to be the Daily Planet's second best-known reporter.

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