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Zack Snyder will be completely rebooting Superman

Zack Snyder will be completely rebooting Superman
Zack Snyder

Bryan Singer's dreamy Superman Returns was as reverent as they come with regard to respecting the Richard Donner/Chris Reeves era of adaps.

For his new Superman, though, director Zack Snyder has revealed that he's taking the opposite approach, with his movie assuming "there's been no other Superman movies".

Speaking with Hero Complex, Snyder says that he's taking the Batman Begins approach to comic reboots with Superman, beginning with a completely fresh slate.

"Literally, the one thing that everyone can start to think about is that we're making a movie that finally goes with the approach that there's been no other Superman movies," Snyder confirms.

"If you look at Batman Begins, there's that structure, there's the canon that we know about and respect, but on other hand there's this approach that pre-supposes that there haven't been any other movies.

"In every aspect of design and of story, the whole thing is very much from that perspective of respect the canon, but don't be a slave to the movies."

For more from Snyder, including what he says about his working relationship with Chris Nolan, head over to Hero Complex.

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